Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa


Arisu Arisugawa
  • Hideo Himura

Arisu Arisugawa

Actor Name: Masataka Kubota

Arisu is Himura's only friend from their university days. He plays a supportive role toward Himura, and accompanies him to crime scenes, though his deductions are almost always entirely off the point. He is always watching over Himura.

Interview with Masataka Kubota

Q: What do you want to achieve at this drama from this popular novel?
A: This series is loved by many people, so I want to treat this character with all of my sincerity. I hope to be able to quickly figure out the style, dynamics, and characteristics of Arisu in this drama and blend in with the rest of the crew.

Q: What is your impression of the original novel, "Hideo Himura Series"?
A: Hideo Himura is a genius. He is able to instantly and accurately predict people's reactions and how things will turn out. At the same time, I feel that he has a unique sensitivity and aura, akin to that of an outlaw. As for Arisugawa Arisu, he is like a support who is very understanding, and who can also sometimes perform the role of catalyst and provide clues to Himura.

Q: About acting alongside Takumi Saitoh
A: I've worked with Takumi Saitoh on several projects already, but I am very excited by this opportunity as this is the first time that our characters are like partners. I hope to be able to give viewers many thrills and experiences by putting my all into this work.

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