Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist


Hino Rintaro
  • Eisuke Hasumi
  • Takahiro Miyagawa
  • Ruriko Aizawa
  • Ikumi Masuda
  • Kaoru Kiryu
  • Yuriko Mizushima
  • Yumeno

Hino Rintaro

Actor Name: Sakai Masato

Date of birth: 14 Oct 1973
Height: 172 cm

The incredibly talented Sakai Masato plays the titular character Dr. Rintaro himself. Kind-hearted and extremely capable at his job, he has rehabilitated many patients by listening closely to their problems in order to understand how they think. While he has helped many other people, he is lacking in love in his own life. He believes that love is merely a "passing mental disorder" and tends to be overly passive when it comes to romantic relationships.

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