Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist


  • Eisuke Hasumi
  • Takahiro Miyagawa
  • Ruriko Aizawa
  • Ikumi Masuda
  • Kaoru Kiryu
  • Yuriko Mizushima
  • Hino Rintaro


Actor Name: Aoi Yu

Date of birth: 17 Aug 1985
Height: 160 cm

Aoi Yu plays the beautiful geisha who prompts a turning point in Dr. Rintaro's life. While performing, she is able to effortlessly charm and delight the men who are watching with her beauty and grace. However, her usual demeanor is more aloof and curt. She initially gets closer to Dr. Rintaro as she is eyeing his money, but later becomes his patient as he suspects that she is ill.

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