Forbidden Practices

Forbidden Practices

About Forbidden Practices

What would you give up in pursuit of your dreams?

Saburo Aikawa works as a surgeon in the only clinic on a remote island, but he hides the fact that he does not hold a license to practice. Increasingly weighed down by guilt, he seeks solace in a nurse named Akiko. One day, he meets a young tourist by the same name of Akiko, and saves her life when he operates on her. Smitten by her savior, the younger Akiko makes Saburo an offer – she can help him get a lucrative job at a large hospital in Tokyo, which is owned by her father. Will Saburo choose the Akiko who can protect his secret, or will he live in constant fear after taking up the other Akiko's offer?

Starring: Hiroki Hasegawa, Izumi Inamori, and Fumino Kimura.


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