The Gutsy Frog

The Gutsy Frog

About The Gutsy Frog

Introducing Pyonkichi, a frog on a T-shirt – but he’s alive!

Growing up, Hiroshi was as normal as any other boy, until one fateful day when he tripped and fell on top of a frog. Pyonkichi was thus born – a living, talking and moving frog, which became imprinted on Hiroshi’s shirt! 16 years on, Hiroshi is now 30 years old and both jobless and aimless. Despite Pyonkichi’s continual encouragement, Hiroshi does not take his advice to heart. While they were once the best of pals, they quarrel more frequently and Hiroshi does not wear him out as often anymore. When a sudden change happens to Pyonkichi, Hiroshi realizes he must become gutsy once more for both of their sakes…


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