Meng's Family Mansion

Meng's Family Mansion

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Can love still blossom if you meet the right person, just at the wrong time?

Set in the tumultuous 1930s Shanghai, Zhang Bi Lan (Zhang Ting Ting) travels to Shanghai for marriage, but her prospective fiancé has been imprisoned as fallout from a feud within the great Meng family. In a chance encounter, she saves the young heir of the Meng family – Meng Wen Lu (Duan Yi Hong) – and learns that he is fighting to clampdown on the illegal business dealings conducted by his relatives. Moved by his resolve and his sense of justice, she lends him her aid and they both fall in love over time. However, Bi Lan is bound by her earlier marriage arrangement, and Wen Lu himself is being forced into a political union…

Starring: Duan Yi Hong, Zhang Ting Ting, Liao Fan & Joan Chen.


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