Too Close for Comfort -Kinkyori Renai-

Too Close for Comfort -Kinkyori Renai-

About Too Close for Comfort -Kinkyori Renai-

Can there ever be a platonic relationship between male and female friends?

Haruka, Mirei and Kanata share an incredibly close friendship, and the trio believe that the strength of their bond will let them remain friends forever. However, Mirei secretly harbours a longtime crush on Haruka, and the sudden arrival of Haruka’s stepsister Ririko destroys the delicate balance between the three friends when Ririko begins to get close to Haruka. At the same time, Kanata is also gradually becoming aware of his own feelings for Mirei. Will the trio be able to sort out their emotions before things get too close for comfort?

Starring: Aran Abe, Anna Ishibashi, Rika Adachi & Yuta Kishi.


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