Whispers from a Crime Scene


Nagisa Kinomiya
  • Sumire Segawa
  • Sachiko Yanagi
  • Rin Ito
  • Kaoruko Nagami
  • Yukino Minegishi

Nagisa Kinomiya

Actor Name: Maki Horikita

Date of birth: 6 Oct 1988
Height: 160 cm

Maki Horikita takes on the role of Nagisa Kinomiya, a member of the Seventh Investigative Division in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, otherwise known as the Higanbana. She is someone who does things at her own pace, and has a brisk, sarcastic manner of speaking. She is able to empathize greatly with other people, and she usually wears headphones over her ears to block out other people’s emotions as listening to these thoughts interferes with her daily life. She is able to discern clues leading to the arrest of criminals through her ability to synchronize with a criminal’s murderous intent at a crime scene. However, using this ability drains her of energy, often causing her to faint after she uses it.

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