Whispers from a Crime Scene


Sachiko Yanagi
  • Sumire Segawa
  • Rin Ito
  • Kaoruko Nagami
  • Yukino Minegishi
  • Nagisa Kinomiya

Sachiko Yanagi

Actor Name: YOU

Date of birth: 29 Aug 1964
Height: 163cm

Veteran actress YOU plays Sachiko Yanagi, a detective who previously resigned from the force after marriage and childbirth, but who has once again joined the Higanbana as her profiling skills are highly admired by Sumire Segawa, the head of the taskforce. She is the joker of the team, and often uses her jokes to keep the atmosphere light. She is incredibly perceptive and is able to analyze situations from various perspectives with ease. In the Higanbana, she takes on the role of older sister to the rest of the members.

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