Whispers from a Crime Scene


Yukino Minegishi
  • Sumire Segawa
  • Sachiko Yanagi
  • Rin Ito
  • Kaoruko Nagami
  • Nagisa Kinomiya

Yukino Minegishi

Actor Name: Rei Dan

Date of birth: 4 Aug 1971
Height: 162cm

Rei Dan plays Yukino Minegishi, a detective who was initially a member of the First Investigative Division, who was demoted to join the Higanbana. She is a hot-blooded detective who strongly believes in upholding justice, and does not shy away from arguments even if it means going up against her bosses. As such, she is seen as a nuisance by her male colleagues despite her intelligence. After she is made to join the Higanbana, she ends up being paired up with Nagisa Kinomiya.

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