Your Home is My Business!

Your Home is My Business!

About Your Home is My Business!

There isn't a house that Machi can't sell!

Single, beautiful, and just slightly outlandish in her fashion sense, Machi is a real-estate saleswoman who is known for being able to close the deal no matter who the client is, even if she never smiles while doing so. She sticks her nose even in the private issues of her clients, and uses a wide range of tactics to solve their problems, just so she can sell the house! A strong believer of the maxim "The kind of home you live in becomes a true reflection of your life", Machi will pour her heart and soul into finding the right home for you. After all, your home is her business!

Starring: Keiko Kitagawa, Asuka Kudo, Yudai Chiba, Toru Nakamura & Ayako Imoto.


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